More Juvenile Chapter books for you to check out!

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I hope you guys are well.

My daughters and I have spent the summer reading non-stop and loving it.  We joined our library’s reading club and they kept a log for two months.  Once they were done and turned in the logs they were rewarded with a free book of their choice from the library.  My oldest chose “Big Nate Flips Out” by Lincoln Peirce and my youngest chose “Magic Animal Friends – Lucy Longwhiskers Gets Lost” by Daisy Meadows.

They also participated in keeping logs for their school district who teamed up with an indoor trampoline park called “Get Air.”  In exchange for the reading logs they were rewarded with a free one hour jump pass.  So far we’ve taken them once because the passes do have an expiration date and they had a BLAST.  They have two more passes coming up and they can’t wait.

I wanted to share more juvenile chapter book series that my youngest, she’s 7, has enjoyed so far.

the critter club The Critter Club by Callie Barkley was a huge hit.

She loved reading every single story from #1 to #17.

  Piper Green and the Fairy Tree by Ellen Potter

Two thumbs up for this series, which has 4 titles so far!  The next title is being released in September of this year.

Magic Animal Rescue by E.D. Baker

And last, but not least, Dino-Mike by Franco Aureliani

I had to help my daughter pronounce a few words, specifically the names of some dinosaurs in this series, which has 8 titles.  She hasn’t finished the series so far because some of the titles aren’t available, but she greatly enjoyed reading the ones that were.

I hope you guys have been enjoying a great and safe summer!

Take good care all!

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