My little artist

Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.  Yesterday night, my husband and I went to our first parent/teacher conference.  It was pretty exciting to see the classroom where my daughter goes to learn Monday through Friday.  It was bigger than I had imagined so that was impressive and reassuring.  Before we entered the classroom, our daughter showed us her artwork displayed on the bulletin board that was titled, “Our Summer.”

I had provided her teacher with some pictures of our vacation to Massachusetts and my daughter drew a picture of us in our rental house and wrote down that she went on vacation during the summer.  I’m one proud mama! 🙂

My daughter has been practicing writing way before she started school.  Sometimes it’s a task for her, but when it comes to arts and crafts, she’s all smiles.  The other day she took a piece of paper and her scissors and started cutting away.  She was in the zone!  When she finished, I was so proud of my little artist that I took a small, forgotten frame and gave it a makeover to display my daughter’s new artwork.  I’ve had this frame for a long time, even before my first child, and back then I decided to paint over the original color.  I was new to arts and crafts so my attempt to redesign was amateurish.  I like to believe that I know a heck of a lot more now when it comes to crafting so my frame got a new paint job.  For some UNKNOWN reason (maybe a brain fart, I don’t know), I absolutely forgot to take a before pic.  😦  Maybe subconsciously, I didn’t want anyone to see how ugly the frame was before, but here it is now:


How awesome and fitting are the apples on this frame?  I gave it about four coats of Anita’s All Purpose Acrylic True Red (#11003) paint, used FolkArt Varnish Gloss (882) to make it shine, and for the panel inside the frame, I couldn’t wait to use the Americana Chalkboard paint, which as you can see, it worked!  I wrote, Mami and Olivia, because my daughter told me that she made us.  She cut out little pieces of paper, then glued them together, and drew what she wanted.  When she saw the frame with her work, her humongous smile was so heart warming.  Now, I’m making it my mission to have markers, crayons, scissors, glue, pencils, etc. easily available for her so her imagination and creativity can soar from her mind onto paper for everyone to see.

Just like this other piece, made with markers.

Take care all.  Until next time…


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