School pictures are in and first report card!

Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.  I understand it now.  Parenthood is a very tricky world, to say the least, and I’ve always known about that part, in fact it almost made me not want to enter it, but the joys that come along with being a parent are many and every moment that’s new for me, as a parent, is very exciting.  I used to think, “What’s the big deal?” whenever a friend, who happened to be a parent, gushed about simple things their kids did.  But I get it now.  It’s the fact that it’s your kid going through or learning something and you get to share in their joys or sorrow.  You have a powerful connection with them and of course you want to share it with the world, but not everyone will see it through your eyes or heart.  They’ll politely say, “That’s nice,” but they can’t feel your enormous bond with your child.  It’s uniquely yours and I understand it now.

A few days ago when I went to pick up my daughter after school, I noticed all the kids were holding something in their hands.  It was a large envelope and even from afar I could see my daughter’s sweet, little face peering through the clear cellophane paper in the middle of the envelope.  It was their school pictures! My heart leapt inside of me with so much anticipation.  Oh, I couldn’t wait to see the pictures and my daughter couldn’t wait to show me.  She darted towards me, holding out her envelope with pride.  We looked at it, said “WOW,” and broke out in giggles.  Needless to say we hurried home.  Her portrait picture came in various sizes and I loved searching for her little face in the class picture.  When I found her, I thought, “there’s my daughter” and I wondered if my mom thought the same thing when she received my first class picture and searched for my face.  I understand it now.

As for her first report card, we went yesterday and it was a thrill to hear that our sweet Olivia was meeting all the standards and impressing her teacher non-stop every day.  It filled my heart with pride.  I’m really enjoying these new moments as a parent of a Kindergartener, even though I still have to let her go out into the real world.  Can you imagine what I’m going to be like once graduation rolls around?  I’m going to go insane with happiness.

My pride and joy!

Stay alert, stay alive.

Until next time…


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