Frank Sinatra


Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.  I don’t exactly remember when or what movie or even the song that was playing that made me fall for Mr. Frank Sinatra’s voice.  What I do remember though is that it was a long time ago, about a decade, and at twenty-five years old, I was loving what I was hearing and I immediately bought a compilation set of his hits.  That was a wonderful purchase.  I played those CDs over and over until I moved on to my next obsession.

My love for Frank never died though and just the other day while cooking in the kitchen and hearing music stations via Pandora on my iPod, a thought occurred to me, “maybe I can listen to Frank Sinatra.”  I quickly stopped what I was doing and got all excited.  His name popped up even before I finished typing it and the image above appeared on the screen and my kitchen was filled with Mr. Sinatra’s voice singing, “I got you under my skin,” which is one of my favorites.

Frankie baby was back in my life, but this time around I’m being introduced to other great voices like Dean Martin, Fred Astaire, Nat King Cole, and the list goes on and on.  I told my husband that I was amazed at how much I liked this type of music since I wasn’t raised around it.  My husband simply, but brilliantly said, “great music surpasses time and absolutely no one say anything negative about it because if it’s good, it’s good.”  I agree with him wholeheartedly.  Enjoy what you’re listening to.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Until next time…


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