Get well soon


Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.  This post is dedicated to my 6-year-old god-daughter, Brianna, who had her tonsils removed yesterday.  Poor thing was scheduled for surgery in the morning and wasn’t allowed to eat anything after nine o’ clock the night before.  At 2:30 pm (surgery day), I sent a text to her mom asking how the surgery went.  Her mom, Lisa (my cousin in law), replied back saying that they were still waiting to go into surgery and that Brianna was starving and not very happy!  Heck, I would be too!  Finally at 4 pm, yes 4, she went in and everything went well.  I heard there was a lot of crying afterwards, a lot of crying.  Poor baby!  Hopefully, she’s enjoying all that ice cream and jello she’s entitled to eat for now.  Brianna, you’re a trooper and I hope you GET WELL SOON!

I found the picture above on and thought, “Is this real?  A Little Golden Book with the subject of tonsils.  That’s amazing!”  I wish I could send something like this to Brianna, but then again I wouldn’t want to remind her of the pain her little 6-year-old self is enduring so instead I’m mailing her some coloring pages with her favorite characters such as Minnie Mouse that I printed out.  Hopefully, it’ll somewhat brighten her day.

Take good care all.

Until next time…


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