and the resolutions have begun

Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.  Happy New Year!  Well, it’s out with the old and in with the new.  Time to start making those resolutions, if you’re into that, and trying really hard not to break them, at least for the first week!  When I was younger, I really didn’t care much for resolutions, but as I got older I started jotting some things down and then it became a full-blown resolution list.  Last year’s resolutions didn’t go so well.  With the exception of a couple of them, the others are being placed again on this year’s list and I have to let fear fall at the waist side and accomplish what I want in my life.  No more excuses!

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!  Live the life you’ve imagined.  – Thoreau


I decided to take pictures before my daughter went to sleep.  The youngest was sleeping already.  They’re not used to staying up so late so the new year’s festivities will have to wait until they’re much older.


Olivia gave me a couple of silly faces, which I loved.

happy new year 2013text

My husband took a picture of my youngest the next day, photoshopped her into the above picture and using a green screen app he put us in the middle of Times Square.  Funny, huh?

Take good care all and if you start a resolution list I wish you good luck.  May this year be a very good one.

Until next time…


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