Hello everybody! I hope you guys are well.  A couple of days ago, I opened my daughter’s homework folder to take a look at the papers that she brought home from school and was met with a big, wonderful surprise. Check it out:

math test score text

Her teacher wrote down that Olivia scored 100 percent on her math test.  Wow!  I’m still, yes still, having a hard time seeing her off to school, but my daughter, as you can see, is excelling and she tells me without any hesitation that she loves school.  Even when the weather outside is horrendous, she still wants to go and if I even mention staying home from school, she completely balks at the idea.  She says, “No, I want to go to school every day!”  I am amazed and grateful at how much she’s taken with school after feeling so overwhelmed before she even entered.  I will admit that I miss her greatly.  I look at the time and wonder what she’s doing at that particular minute, but I know that I cannot provide her with all the knowledge and social skills that she needs.  Yesterday, her teacher, informed me that Olivia did so well in her spelling test that she advanced to the next level.  That’s concrete proof that she’s doing a great job and I’m very proud of her.  I hope her love for learning continues until she’s a little old lady.

I know it’s perfectly natural to miss her and to be hesitant with sharing her with the world, especially this world today.  I know I worry a lot.  I know I drive myself and everyone else nuts.  I know I should just relax, but I can’t.  It’s who I am.  I’m a mother.

Take good care all.

Until next time…


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