Random photos

Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.  Here’s an update on how we’re feeling:  My daughter and I are still coughing, but that’s about it, my hubby tried his hardest to dodge the germs we sneezed and coughed his way (not intentionally), but he didn’t prevail (he’s coughing now and his throat is sore, POOR BABY!) and my youngest is still sick free.  We’re crossing our fingers that she stays that way.  Here’s a few random photos I’d like to share with you:


I went to Target (my other home) and fell in love with this aqua basket.  The price was reasonable and I want to start bringing in some color into my home.  I’m planning on getting a beautiful yellow hand blown vase next week.  I completely forgot to take a picture of it, but it’s gorgeous as well.  Pops of color are nice in your home especially if you can’t paint your walls like me.


I received my art print titled “Dear Parents At Sandy Hook” by Jeremy Collins.  I purchased a brown frame for it and placed it near my working space.  The image is striking and emits such sadness.  An unfortunate reminder that someone can just change your life forever without caring.



These are photos taken by my cousin Janice, who lives in Huntsville, Alabama.  She snapped a picture of these two beauties right outside her house.  Absolutely amazing and my cuz is a great photographer.

So little by little, I’m cleaning and making my home as ideal as it can be in my mind.  I do things one section at a time.  I want it clutter free and currently my best friend is the paper shredder.  I’m tackling my filing cabinet and folders.  I know that one day it’s going to be just the way I want it to be and then, just like that, we’ll be moving into our first home, hopefully, starting the madness process once again. 🙂

Take good care all.

Until next time…


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