Inspiring messages

Hello everybody!

I hope you guys are well.

With the right words, a sentence or more can become inspiring messages full of wisdom, love, strength, and hope.  A sentence can be transformed into a powerful quote or mantra and it can be spoken, sung, read, memorized, etc.  When a person connects with an inspiring message or even one single word, they hold onto it fast because their deep emotions suddenly have a precise description.  You breathe a sigh of relief and think, “that’s exactly how I feel,” and then you adopt those words into your heart and mind.  I know we’ve all shared that moment more than once.

Here are a few inspiring messages that are currently taking up residence in my heart:


for my family


for myself


for the world

winnie the pooh quote

for my children

What words inspire you?

Take good care all.

Until next time…


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