The State Museum of Pennsylvania

Hello everybody!

I hope you guys are well.

We spent our Memorial Day week-end visiting family in Harrisburg, PA.


My daughters were very happy to see their Grandma Lucy, Auntie Vera, Uncle Alex, and little cousins A.J. and Victoria!

My mother-in-law barbecued some great food, little cousins played, laughed, bickered and made up together, and we got a chance to visit a great museum.  If you’re ever in the vicinity you should really check this place out.

The main entrance is on Third Street and we immediately made our way to the CURIOSITY CONNECTION section of the museum.  This place is awesome for kids five years and under.  It’s a hands on play area.


We were totally over the moon with this GIANT chick.

IMG_4829text IMG_4849text

Sophia loved petting the pigs as well as sitting on top of them.  There was a neat play room with a tunnel that led into the enchanted forest where you could read books sitting on top of mushroom stools and hear an owl hooting nearby.  Such a magical and endearing place.

IMG_4836text  IMG_4839text

Olivia played in the build your own truck section while Sophia picked apples from the tree in the farm section.  The apples and the tree had velcro on them.  Too cute.  There was also fabric covered carrots that you can pick from the ground as well as cabbages.  The kids took turn acting like a farmer and taking the produce to the pick up truck.


Olivia turned into a flower fairy and made music stepping on a big floor piano.  She had a lot of fun!  There was also a section that had lincoln logs, toy cars, and Lego parts to build whatever your heart desired.


After we bid adieu to Big Chick and pigs, we explored the rest of the museum.

We were greeted by a big statue of William Penn.

IMG_4891text  IMG_4898text

A.J. really wanted to show us the dinosaurs and the bones of a massive Mastodon.  It was very impressive.

IMG_4913text IMG_4909text IMG_4903text

At the Man and Machine: Industry and Technology Exhibit we saw cars, planes, and trains.


The following day we visited a playground called Possibility Place. This is a wonderful place where the kids can play (swings, fort, slides, mini rock climbing wall, monkey rings, rope bridge, etc.), ride their bikes or scooters on the nearby path and you can even have a picnic at the benches, which is completely shaded!  There are clean bathrooms and when it’s really hot outside there’s a sprinkler door frame to cool the kids off as well as the adults at the playground.  We love visiting this place.

We had a wonderful time visiting great places and spending time with our beloved family members.

Take good care all.

Until next time…


Green peppers in Harrisburg, PA

Hello everybody!  I hope you guys had a good and safe Columbus Day week-end.  My family and I spent it at Harrisburg, PA visiting family.  While there my mother-in-law showed me her green pepper plant.  It’s been about a year since I’ve started eating green peppers and I LOVE them so I was in awe to see the green peppers growing right in front of her house.  She even took a couple of them, they smelled divine, and chopped them up for dinner.  They were simply delicious.  I left inspired to grow some peppers at home, with seeds in tow provided by my mother-in-law.

Take care all.  Until next time…