A cane, a ball, a cookie, and some liquor

Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.  Christmas is almost here and of course I’m not done with my shopping.  I desperately want to be done, but I’m not.  I still have to venture out into the cold and try my very best to buy all the gifts that I want to get and not let my mind go BLANK once I step foot into the store.  Does that happen to any of you guys?  If you’re like me and you still have some shopping to do, I wish you all the best and try to sneak in some peaceful moments for yourself.


My daughter, Olivia made this ornament at school.  According to her they used applesauce, cinnamon, glue and other ingredients/items (ex. glitter) to make this.  It smelled A LOT like cinnamon and I kept wondering if this was edible, but Olivia firmly stated that the teacher said, “It’s not for eating.”  Good to know.  Unfortunately, while we were studying, guess who decided to try a piece?  Little Miss Sophia, Olivia’s sister, swiped the candy cane from the table.  I did worry a bit because I didn’t know exactly what she had eaten, but it was just a piece and she didn’t get sick.  Phew!  The candy cane is currently hanging on the Christmas tree with the help of cardstock and ribbon glued to the back of it.


Olivia was given this gift from Santa who visited her school.  I got an arm workout using the hand pump that came with it in order to inflate this ball.

My daughter is having, well a ball with it, pun intended.  🙂  Thanks Santa!


Olivia was dressed up as a gingerbread cookie at school and was given this keepsake.

Such a cutie-pie!


My husband is loving the gifts he’s receiving from his co-workers, especially the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whiskey!


Take good care all and drink responsibly.

Until next time…