DIY Card Box

Hi everybody!  I wanted to share with you one of my crafty ideas that I did for my anniversary party.  It’s so convenient to have a card box stationed at your table so guests can just drop their well wishes into it and party on.  You don’t have to carry around envelopes or even carry a bag full of them.  Instead RECYCLE a box, it can be one you received something in the mail with or even a shoe box, and decorate it with items, that you might already have in the house, like wrapping paper, stickers, ribbons, gift tags, tape, glue, etc.

I wanted to stay with my color theme so I bought a gold wrapping paper, coordinating ribbon in turquoise and gold ( I forgot to include them in the picture), and gold glitter sticker letters. I had the gift tags already and decided to use them.

I took a white shipping box and before taping it closed, I outlined and cut out the opening for the cards.  Remember to cut the flaps that fold inside as well, not just the outside flaps.  I then taped it shut on the sides, bottom, and whatever is left in the middle.

I wrapped the box like a gift and then I pressed down gently to feel out the card slot and make a faint outline.  Carefully using my X-ACTO knife, I made a slit down the middle of where the opening was.

I tucked the wrapping paper inside and carefully taped it using thin, but long strips of masking tape.  I placed the tape as close to the edge of the opening and slid my hand inside to reach as far as I could to tape the paper inside.  If you make a mistake, which I did (see little star in my picture), while cutting out the card slot and you don’t have enough paper to tuck inside in order to cover the box, just take strips of the same paper and slide under the top paper, and above if you want, and tape until completely covered.

I glued a thin gold ribbon onto a thicker turquoise ribbon, where I strung the gift tags and glued them onto the box.  I printed out the word CARDS onto a clear address label.  I then cut out each letter and stuck them onto the gift tags.  I finished off the box with the letter M and the words Thank You using gold, glitter stickers.

This box was easy to make and a big hit at my anniversary party.

I hope you like this crafty idea.

Until next time…

Update:  I just realized that you can also use a large tissue box and the best thing about it is that there is already an opening…duh!  Wrap that sucker up and decorate the heck out of it.  🙂  Enjoy!


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