A sharpie keeps my mind sane

Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.  Ever open a can of corn, place it in the fridge, forget about it and then wonder how long it’s been in there?  I don’t like guessing or even taking the chance of eating something that’s gone bad.  Placing a sharpie marker in my kitchen was my solution.


Every time I open something that has a label, as you can see in the example above, I simply write the date on it. Simple as that! Now, no more guessing games and my mind is sane, thanks to a sharpie.

I even placed another sharpie in my bathroom so I could label my makeup!  Now that’s peace of mind as well because it’s best to replace your stuff so you’re not putting anything old on your face.  Sometimes the packaging, for example the L’Oreal Youth Code tube in the pic above, doesn’t let the marker adhere or sometimes your date rubs off after too much handling like the mascara tube.  My solution is a small strip of tape that allows you to write perfectly and sometimes I cover the date with another piece of tape so it doesn’t wear away.

I hope you like this tip and if it brings you sane of mind, then my job here is done.  Take care all!

Until next time…


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