Butter Scotch candy + Funfetti Cupcakes = Yumminess!

Hello everybody!

I hope you guys are well.

I made funfetti cupcakes with butter scotch candy toppers for Valentine’s Day for my family.  It’s semi-homemade, of course, but here’s what I did:


Combine ingredients for cake mix and add sprinkles.


While the cupcakes are baking, melt butter scotch candy (found this at AC Moore craft store) in your microwave and fill candy mold.  Place into freezer for about ten minutes.


I also melted Dolci Frutta chocolate and placed a dollop on each cupcake, then stuck one of the candies on top and placed into the refrigerator for a few minutes so the chocolate could harden.


My valentine cupcakes, but you can always make these for any day.

Take good care all.

Until next time…


Return of the funny faces

Hello everybody!

I hope you guys are well.

The weather outside is horrible so instead of trekking to school I kept my daughter home for today and I’m not even second guessing that decision ’cause we need a break from all this slush outside.  Since I had both girls home today, I decided to make funny faces for lunch:


Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Ritz crackers, banana slices, mini chocolate chips, cherry tomatoes, a cheese stick, and raisins make up these fun faces.

Here’s hoping that the weather clears up soon.

Take good care all.

Until next time…


Hello everybody!

I hope you guys are well.

We had a snowstorm yesterday and today’s temperature outside is 8 degrees.  Yup, eight!  So, we did the most logical thing and stayed home.

With both my girls running around and enjoying their time together, I decided to make personal pizzas for lunch.


Marinara sauce, wheat flatbread, and shredded mozzarella cheese

That’s all you need for a cheesy pizza.

IMG_6333text       IMG_6339text

375 degrees in the oven for 7 – 8 minutes

Bon appétit

IMG_6344text     IMG_6345text

Of course, you can always add other stuff.

This was my pizza.  I added green pepper, chopped onion flakes, and garlic powder before putting it into the oven.

What do you like on your pizza?

Take good care all.

Until next time…

Building our first Gingerbread House

Hello everybody!

I hope you guys are well.

The holidays are fast approaching and my mind is about to explode.  Please SLOW DOWN!!  Wishful thinking, I know.  Anyway, the other day we went to my mom’s house and I decided to take a gingerbread kit, which I bought at Ikea (http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/90218783/), with us because we’ve never constructed a gingerbread house before and I thought my girls and I would have a lot of fun putting it together with Grandma Rose.  That was an understatement because we had a BLAST!

Along with the kit I also bought a bunch of decorating goodies:

Marshmallow fluff

Mini marshmallows

Mike & Ike candy

Fruit Snack Gummies


Mini M&M’s


IMG_6127text IMG_6133text

The laughter was non-stop between my youngest licking her fingers (germs galore, yikes!) and dealing with the stickiness of the marshmallow fluff.  We did our very best to stack the house, decorate it, and keep it in tact, but…


…it didn’t work.  By the end of the night, one side of the roof was falling off and the fluff was melting causing the candies to fall down with it.  Oh well, we still had so much fun building it and then eating it.

Take good care all.

Until next time…

Funny face friday and congrats are in order

Hello everybody!

I hope you guys are well.


I made this funny face lunch for my oldest daughter today.  It consisted of a mini raspberry muffin/doughnut, two mayo and cheese sandwiches, apple slices (in a bowl to look like a hat), mini marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, a big cherry tomato, and green salad.  I wasn’t able to make another one for my youngest because she was resting due to a fever. 😦  Once she woke up I gave her liquids, Cheerios, and apple slices.

I also wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to my lil’ sis whose been a great supporter of my blog (reading and liking my post entries).  She was promoted today to Detective in the NYPD!


We’re very proud of you Detective!

Keep shooting for the stars and hitting them hard, but always stay safe!

Take good care all.

Until next time…

Funny face lunch times two

Hello everybody!

I hope you guys are well.

You know I love making funny faces in the form of food for my daughter, Olivia.


I made this funny face monster (apple slices, banana, marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, white cheese and mayo sandwiches) for her lunch the other day and made something else for my youngest, Sophia.  Well,  Miss Sophia was not happy that I didn’t make her a funny face lunch as well and the reason why I didn’t make her one is because she can be picky with her food.


Cut to a few days later and I made these funny face lunches using apple slices, a cherry tomato, banana, marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, a cheese stick, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Both girls loved seeing these funny faces, but only one of them ate the whole thing up.  Take a wild guess who didn’t finish her plate, but it’s ok.  She has her days and I will continue to present her with these special lunches until she says enough.  Until then, bon appétit

Take good care all.

Until next time…


Mini doughnut pan

Hello everybody!

I hope you guys are well.

Here in New York City, we are battling a heat wave.  The temperature is above 90 degrees, but the humidity makes it feel like 100 and above.  It’s horrible and disgusting.  We’re doing our best to entertain ourselves at home with the AC at full blast.

Enter our newest purchase, the Wilton mini doughnut pan, which we got at AC Moore craft store with a 50 percent coupon.  My husband fell in love with this pan along with the savings (the current plan is to get a second pan to make it less time consuming).  He tried it out first with Jiffy’s chocolate muffin mix, but he forgot to take pictures.  When it was my turn, I tried the raspberry muffin mix and it was definitely a learning experience.

IMG_5460text   IMG_5462text  IMG_5464text

I was able to make two batches (24 total).  The first batch I put too much batter in the pan so the muffin/doughnuts came out like little bowls (open on one side, which is cool because you can put something inside for example whipped cream and eat/present it like that or just eat it as is).  The second batch I put less batter but I still got some that came out like bowls.  It’s a trial and error kind of thing.  I’m figuring that with more batches I’ll get the right consistency one day.  I’m looking forward to making cake doughnuts, that’s next, and of course finding a good doughnut recipe to try.  Duh!  In the meantime, these muffin doughnuts were delicious and a big hit with my daughters.  I also like that they’re small so consumption can be kept under control.

Bon appétit!

Take good care all.

Until next time…

Cucumbers and cookie cutters

Hello everybody!

I hope you guys are well.

I had a wonderful Mother’s day with my whole family.  I was gifted (by my husband) a, wait for it, SCOOTER!  Yup, an adult size scooter.  It’s pretty awesome.  I tested it out for a little while before heading out to my mom’s house.  I almost fell, but gained control and hopped back on it.  I can’t wait to scoot some more with my girls and my hubby.  It’s an unconventional gift, but it sure beats receiving a vacuum or blender.  🙂  I was also gifted a beautiful MOM necklace from http://www.lisaleonardonline.com/mama-necklace-P187C104.aspx. by my hubby and my girls.  All and all, I had a great day.

Changing subjects so the title of this post makes sense, I came across this pin on Pinterest.



My daughter loves cucumbers and I have a small heart shape cookie cutter so of course after seeing this idea, I had to try it out!

IMG_4728text  IMG_4729text

As soon as I did it, I showed my daughter and she gasped at seeing the heart-shaped cucumbers.  The next day after school, she told me that her friends loved them as well and were asking her who made them, at which she proudly said, “my mom!”  Thank u to whoever came up with this idea.  I know it’s not rocket science, but it’s cute and it made my little girl happy and it’s those little things that count the most for me.

Take good care all.

Until next time…


Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.  My, ever-curious-with-food, husband came home two weeks ago with this Jell-O No Bake Oreo Dessert.  NOT exactly healthy, but worth trying, at least once.  All you need to add is butter and cold milk.


Inside the box you get the crust, filling, and crushed Oreo topping.


First you mix the crust with the butter (melted) and press down into the pan.  I used a spoon.

IMG_4483text  IMG_4484text

After mixing the filling with the milk, you add half of the crushed Oreo topping.  Whenever I’m baking and I want to get every single drop of the batter, I always use a silicon spatula.  This gets EVERYTHING out of the bowl! 🙂


Then you pour into your pan and refrigerate for an hour or more.  You can use the rest of the crushed Oreo topping immediately after pouring it into the pan or if you want it to be crunchy, pour it on after refrigerating it.  I did the latter.


The dessert was good, but personally it was too sweet for me so I’m not going to be making it again.  I definitely prefer the Jell-O Lemon Meringue Pie Dessert that I featured in a previous post.

Take good care all.

Until next time…

A glance at last weeks school lunch from home

Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.

Here’s a glance at what I made/put together for my daughter, last week, for her school lunch.  We try our best to send her off to school with a nutritious, balanced meal.  I’m glad to say that there are more days where her food containers come home empty.





I try not to repeat the main dishes, but if I have to it’s usually the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or the pizza bagels, which are my daughter’s faves.  I give her nuggets once a week because we all know process food is not exactly healthy.  I also abide by the  recommended serving sizes.  In regards to the serving size for the nuggets I take one away (serving size is 5 nuggets, but I give her 4) because I also give her tater tots (serving size is 9, but I give her 6).  It’s all about moderation, plus including the veggies and fruits that we need.

Take good care all.

Until next time…