Return of the funny faces

Hello everybody!

I hope you guys are well.

The weather outside is horrible so instead of trekking to school I kept my daughter home for today and I’m not even second guessing that decision ’cause we need a break from all this slush outside.  Since I had both girls home today, I decided to make funny faces for lunch:


Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Ritz crackers, banana slices, mini chocolate chips, cherry tomatoes, a cheese stick, and raisins make up these fun faces.

Here’s hoping that the weather clears up soon.

Take good care all.

Until next time…

Funny face friday and congrats are in order

Hello everybody!

I hope you guys are well.


I made this funny face lunch for my oldest daughter today.  It consisted of a mini raspberry muffin/doughnut, two mayo and cheese sandwiches, apple slices (in a bowl to look like a hat), mini marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, a big cherry tomato, and green salad.  I wasn’t able to make another one for my youngest because she was resting due to a fever. 😦  Once she woke up I gave her liquids, Cheerios, and apple slices.

I also wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to my lil’ sis whose been a great supporter of my blog (reading and liking my post entries).  She was promoted today to Detective in the NYPD!


We’re very proud of you Detective!

Keep shooting for the stars and hitting them hard, but always stay safe!

Take good care all.

Until next time…

Funny face lunch times two

Hello everybody!

I hope you guys are well.

You know I love making funny faces in the form of food for my daughter, Olivia.


I made this funny face monster (apple slices, banana, marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, white cheese and mayo sandwiches) for her lunch the other day and made something else for my youngest, Sophia.  Well,  Miss Sophia was not happy that I didn’t make her a funny face lunch as well and the reason why I didn’t make her one is because she can be picky with her food.


Cut to a few days later and I made these funny face lunches using apple slices, a cherry tomato, banana, marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, a cheese stick, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Both girls loved seeing these funny faces, but only one of them ate the whole thing up.  Take a wild guess who didn’t finish her plate, but it’s ok.  She has her days and I will continue to present her with these special lunches until she says enough.  Until then, bon appétit

Take good care all.

Until next time…


Funny Face Sandwiches

Hello everybody!  School begins next week and my oldest daughter is about to enter Kindergarten.  I didn’t enroll her in Pre-K for two main reasons:  I wanted her to spend more time with her little sister and form an indestructible bond and I simply wasn’t ready to let her go.  The bond has been formed, but alas I’m still finding it really hard to let her go and there’s nothing I can do about it.  I can home school her, but I need to give her a chance to be among other children and experience a new environment.  I have to at least try.

I am going to miss her greatly, especially during lunchtime.  I have been feeding her since the day she was born and as she grew older, her palette grew as well.  Some days she’ll ask for pasta with a chicken patty or a whole wheat pizza or her favorite, a funny face.  What’s a funny face?  Well, it’s a peanut butter and jelly sandwich along with other items that I put together constructing a funny face.

Here are some examples:

PB&J sandwiches, mixed salad, red apples, grapes, bananas, strawberry, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips

PB&J sandwiches, banana, broccoli, apples, pickles, shredded mozzarella cheese, and chocolate chips

PB&J sandwiches, apples, banana, raisins, cherry tomatoes, and chocolate chips

About a few weeks ago, I surprised her with a different sandwich, a happy face butterfly.  She loved it!

PB&J sandwich, mozzarella cheese stick, pickle, marshmallows from cereal, and chocolate chips

When she starts school, she does have a choice between eating the school lunch or I can send her off with food in a lunch box, but I don’t believe that the happy faces are going to stay intact in her lunch box.  😦  At least, I’ll have the weekends until she gets too old.  I’ll settle for that.  🙂  Until next time…