Schools closed…hello happy butterfly

Hello everybody!  Well, schools closed in observance of Yom Kippur and I asked my daughter what she wanted for lunch.  She replied so innocently, “A butterfly.”  She just melts my heart away.  🙂

Her butterfly is made of PBJ sandwich, mozzarella/cheddar cheese stick, one pickle cut in half, two chocolate chip morsels, and marshmallows from her cereal.

Take care all.  Until next time…


Funny Face Sandwiches

Hello everybody!  School begins next week and my oldest daughter is about to enter Kindergarten.  I didn’t enroll her in Pre-K for two main reasons:  I wanted her to spend more time with her little sister and form an indestructible bond and I simply wasn’t ready to let her go.  The bond has been formed, but alas I’m still finding it really hard to let her go and there’s nothing I can do about it.  I can home school her, but I need to give her a chance to be among other children and experience a new environment.  I have to at least try.

I am going to miss her greatly, especially during lunchtime.  I have been feeding her since the day she was born and as she grew older, her palette grew as well.  Some days she’ll ask for pasta with a chicken patty or a whole wheat pizza or her favorite, a funny face.  What’s a funny face?  Well, it’s a peanut butter and jelly sandwich along with other items that I put together constructing a funny face.

Here are some examples:

PB&J sandwiches, mixed salad, red apples, grapes, bananas, strawberry, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips

PB&J sandwiches, banana, broccoli, apples, pickles, shredded mozzarella cheese, and chocolate chips

PB&J sandwiches, apples, banana, raisins, cherry tomatoes, and chocolate chips

About a few weeks ago, I surprised her with a different sandwich, a happy face butterfly.  She loved it!

PB&J sandwich, mozzarella cheese stick, pickle, marshmallows from cereal, and chocolate chips

When she starts school, she does have a choice between eating the school lunch or I can send her off with food in a lunch box, but I don’t believe that the happy faces are going to stay intact in her lunch box.  😦  At least, I’ll have the weekends until she gets too old.  I’ll settle for that.  🙂  Until next time…

Hello world, family, and friends

First let me start by saying FINALLY, MY BLOG IS UP!! I have been wanting to start a blog for such a looooong time now. Due to my many excuses a.k.a. fears, I procrastinated as long as I could, but I’m ready now. I’m currently a stay at home mom of two, but my oldest is about to enter Kindergarten. YIKES!! There will be many, many posts in the future regarding my anxiety about having to let her go into the real world. It’s so scary. As for now I want to start my blog with a crafting idea because I’ve been crafting for a very long time. I’m constantly inspired by ideas I find on the Internet. My latest obsession is If you haven’t checked it out, do so and you will simply be hooked! I have so many crafty ideas to share with you. For example, I wanted to make some butterfly paper decorations for my daughter’s birthday. I currently own two large Fiskars squeezable paper punch machines, a circle and a heart.

I love these punches because they cut out the shapes easily and fast, so I wanted to find a butterfly one. After searching and comparing prices I just didn’t find one that I liked. Either it was too expensive or it was too hard to cut out per reviews. As my daughter’s birthday quickly approached, I still had no butterflies and I didn’t want to cut them out myself. Then one night it came to me, out of no where, I could use my heart punch to make the butterflies.
Here’s what I did:

Step 1: I punched out two hearts using pink card stock.

Step 2: I stapled the bottom of the hearts together in the middle to form the wings. I cut off the tip of one of the hearts so it wouldn’t peek out once I did the final step, but you can also bend it and tuck it in before stapling it.

Step 3: To complete my little butterfly, I used a black pipe cleaner, formed the body, glued it in the middle of the two hearts and viola, a beautiful paper butterfly.

Step 4 (optional)): If you want you can decorate the wings with crayons, markers, glitter, etc. or give them to your kids so they can decorate them.  Endless possibilities!!

Since my daughter was turning five, I did five each of three colors and affixed them onto our party decorations. They were a hit.

I hope you guys like this little crafty idea. I hope to share some more in the future as well as opinions and thoughts on different subjects such as parenting, life issues, relationships, and then some.

Welcome to my world.

Welcome to The Mercado Project.