Drink More Green Tea

Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.  I wanted to share the pin on www.pinterest.com that convinced me to start drinking green tea.  Let me be honest with you, I’ve tried tea before, not green tea, flavored teas and I didn’t like them, but this pin was pretty convincing, especially the part where it says that it rehydrates you better than water and oh yeah, it prolongs your life.

So I thought, “What the heck! At least, give it a try.”

I bought several brands to taste out which one I would like best and so far this one is my favorite.  It’s also available in organic, decaffeinated, and different flavors, but I’ll stick with the decaffeinated one for now.

I brew a quart (4 tea bags for 4 cups) a day, and add nothing to it.  NOTHING, NADA, ZIP, ZILCH.  When I told my sister how I drank the tea, she immediately said, “Yuck” and I could visualize her making that yuck face.  🙂   The taste is subtle, which is great for me because I’m still getting used to drinking it.  I don’t necessarily like the after taste, but that doesn’t last long so I can deal with it.  In the long run, if this gives my health a boost then I really have nothing to lose.  Except, maybe some pounds and I’ll drink to that, HAPPILY.  “Cheers!”

Take good care.  Until next time…


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