Age appropriate

Hello everybody!   I hope you guys are well.

Not so long ago, my daughter uttered two words that sent chills down my back as well as my husbands’.  They weren’t good chills and the words that she said were Justin Bieber.  Ugh!  She’s five years old.  Why is she inquiring about him?  Well, she told me that her friends at school watched him on TV.  I simply told her that they were watching him because he was a singer and left it at that.  Yes, she’s curious, but I don’t want her in the realm of these young teen celebrity’s shenanigans.  I don’t want her screaming her head off and crying her eyes out in admiration for someone.  That drives me nuts when I see little girls doing that.  It’s just not age appropriate and we as parents have to understand that they only have one childhood.  Why would you want to take that away from them?

Just like a toy that has age guidelines that we should adhere to, we should do the same when it comes to entertainment.  I don’t want her to know about One Direction, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, etc.  She’s five.  Yes, they got the Gangnam style fever only because we introduced it to them so we have to really think about what we want to expose our children to.  Yesterday, I had a conversation about this with my daughter’s teacher at school.  It was parent/teacher night.  My daughter’s report card was excellent and I’m very proud of her.  She has advanced in several subjects and her teacher mentioned how she shows a great interest in reading and writing.  I wish we had more time to speak because her teacher mentioned how parents are their children’s first teachers.  I told her that I had written that same comment on my blog and felt wholeheartedly that we have to teach them, but also try to keep them young and not advance them too much where they lose their innocence.  We, as a whole society, need to see this and understand it.  It’s for our children’s benefit.

Even a manicure, for example, which my daughter has been asking to do, may seem like a small matter, no big deal for some, but it is a big deal for me.  I feel she’s still too young for that and I know that there are toddlers out there wobbling around with little pink nails, but that’s their parent’s choice and just because that child has painted nails doesn’t mean that I have to paint my daughter’s nails as well.  I have my own opinion, my own view and I know what’s right for my child at this moment.  Once you open that door, even just a sliver, into adulthood, you can’t go back.  I don’t want my daughter singing a Justin Bieber song.  I want to hear her singing, the “Star, Spangled Banner” and “America, the beautiful”, which she’s currently singing and beautifully, I might add, because she learned them in school.  That’s what she’s supposed to be singing as well as silly songs that her teacher has taught her.  I have nothing against the above mentioned celebrities.  I just want to protect my child and let her enjoy her childhood.  I know, believe me I know that one day she’s going to grow up and enter that world, it’s just not going to be today!


I gifted my daughter this book, pen, and eraser at her school’s book fair for her wonderful report card.  She picked everything out and was very happy.

Take good care all.

Until next time…


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