Building blocks + Mario & friends = FUN!

Hello everybody!

I hope you guys are well.

I believe the best toy we ever bought after having our first child was a set of colorful building blocks (STEP 2).  From the moment we received them, back in 2008, it has been non-stop fun for both my girls and visiting family members.  We corral and store the blocks in an empty, taped up diaper box.  These blocks have nurtured my children’s imagination, creativity, color and shape knowledge.  Also, let’s not forget the most important aspect of blocks, knocking them down.  If there’s ever one toy to get and keep for a while it’s definitely this one.

Today, my youngest brought out the blocks and decided to include Mario and friends (another great toy purchase because this little girl loves these plush toys to bits).  She asked me to help her build it tall so she can “bust through it.”  Okay, I told her to bust through it and she had a ton of fun doing just that.

IMG_5057text      IMG_5058text

IMG_5059text      IMG_5060text

IMG_5053text    IMG_5066text





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