My Kindergarten Graduate!

Hello everybody!

I hope you guys are well.

Another day, another milestone has come and gone.  My darling daughter, Olivia, graduated from Kindergarten today.  It was pretty exciting and the ceremony was kept short, sweet and simple.  Her school decided on breaking things into sessions, which is great because kids (and some adults) can get antsy when things take too long.  At my daughter’s ceremony/session, there were 3 graduating classes.  Their names were read by their teachers and each class sang an inspiring song afterwards.  When they were done, we all filed outside and my daughter was given her diploma by her teacher.  Lots of pictures were taken and off we went home.  It wasn’t drawn out and I didn’t even cry one tear, which is very surprising!  The sun was shining and my heart is contempt with knowing that my child had a wonderful start with her education, had a kind teacher, and made new friends.  I can only hope that things run as smoothly as they did for the following school year.

A special thanks to Mrs. Licata!  You will always be her first teacher and she absolutely loves you!


1st grade, here I come!

Congratulations Olivia!

Take good care all.

Until next time…


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