Many thanks

Many thanks

Thank you for being Olivia’s first school teacher.                                                           

Thank you for being so kind.                        

Thank you for noticing her struggles and fighting for her rights.                                  

Thank you for teaching her the tapping method, which she loves to utilize.                                              

Thank you for the smile that appears on her face when she’s read

something at her own pace.                                                             

Thank you for teaching her songs that she loves to sing.                                                            

Thank you for being a great teacher.          

 Thank you for everything!

– Angelica Mercado


Hello everybody!

I hope you guys are well.

There is officially two more days of school here in Brooklyn and I’m sending my daughter up to the last day for two reasons.  I want her to finish her Kindergarten year like a pro and I want her to enjoy the central air conditioning the school has to offer because it’s freaking hot (93 degrees to be exact)!  I’m also sending my daughter with a thank you card filled with graduation pictures and those words above.  I wrote them for her teacher who is a great person and I’m so glad that my daughter was able to begin her education with a smart and kind woman.  She will never be forgotten and she will always be her first teacher.  Thank you Mrs. Licata!

Take good care all.

Until next time…


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