A not so puzzling effect

Her eyes dart

from piece to piece

looking for a place to start.

She takes a quick glance to see

exactly what she’s looking for.

I can’t take my eyes away

from her beautiful face.

As it comes alive with a series

of emotions

such concentration,

undivided attention,

then, sheer frustration.

“Help me mommy,” she says.

“Look for a corner,” I offer.

She has to do it on her own.

And when she fits the final piece

seriousness instantaneously

shifts into happiness

for us both.

– Angelica Mercado


Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.

My children are a great inspiration and when a moment occurs, in which I want to describe and keep it forever in words, I toss procrastination to the side (along with some housework, I’ll get to it eventually), sit down, and just write.  Some days it’s hard to get the right words down quickly when you have a 3 and 5-year-old beckoning every two minutes so I have to hit SAVE and walk away, but lately I’ve been getting back to my writing instead of letting it sit there in oblivion.  It’s a good feeling to get back to it.

Thanks for visiting!

Take good care all.

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Storing Picture Perfect Jigsaw Puzzles

Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.  My daughters love jigsaw puzzles and they have a lot of them, but I don’t have enough room for all the boxes.  Here’s my solution:

I put each individual puzzle into a Ziploc bag (sandwich size) and cut out the picture of the completed puzzle that’s usually on the front of the box and tape it onto the front of the bag.  I then take a picture of all the puzzles together, print on regular copier paper and tape onto the front of a big box that’s going to store them.


This puzzle set has small pictures of the completed puzzle on the back of the storage box, but I wanted to place a bigger picture of the puzzles on the front of the lid so I took a picture, added their names, printed it out and taped it on the lid.  Now my daughters can see it clearly.  Thanks for looking and I hope you like this idea.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Until next time…