My streak is over…

Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.  I was so proud of my streak (about 3 years!) of not getting sick and that’s with two kids under 6 years old in my household, but alas it’s over.  I’m currently battling a major sore throat.


I went on Pinterest, I know I’m completely hooked on this site, to see if there was some home remedies I could try and found this pin above.  It’s funny and oh so freaking true.  Many pins suggested eating spoonfuls of honey, drinking tea with lemon, drinking warm water, gargling with salted, warm water, and lots of sleep.  The only one I like is the last one.  Once I’m better I hope to start my streak once again and this time I’m aiming for four years and more.  If you’re not feeling well today, GET WELL SOON.

Take good care.

Until next time…