Happy Birthday to my luv!

Hello everybody!  I wanted to say a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful husband.  He’s also a blogger at workoutdrinkbemerry.wordpress.com.  He LOVES working out and training in Judo (brown belt) and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (blue belt), savoring different beers, wines, and liquors (and giving you his review on them), smoking a good cigar, and just being merry!  He’s my one and only and I hope all his wishes come true.  Until next time…

I gave him this six-pack beer carrier from etsy seller coldcreekbrewing…the beers weren’t included, I supplied those! 🙂  As soon as I saw this on etsy.com, I knew that he would love it.  Plus, it brings its own beer opener right on the handle!


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