sophia and the plum

Hi everybody!  I hope you guys are well.  This post is dedicated to my mom and I would like to share a couple of pictures that I took about three years ago that remind me how much I love and miss her coming over to my house and spending time with us.

My mom used to take the train from her apartment in the Bronx to my apartment in Brooklyn.  It was an hour commute plus 10 – 15 minutes of walking, but she didn’t care.  She was going to see her granddaughters and that meant the world to her.  Then, two and a half years ago, she contracted pneumonia, which developed into a blood infection (sepsis).  She was given 24 hours to live, but my mother battled through and won.  During the fight, her right leg (specifically between her knee and her ankle) became infected.  They were able to save her leg, but she needed two skin grafts and to this day has little mobility in that area.  She is able to get around with the help of crutches, a walker, and a wheelchair, but she’s not able to come to my house alone like she used to.  We do see each other on the weekends.  It’s pretty hard on her to have her mobility taken away, but she counters that emotion with the fact that she’s still able to enjoy life with her family.  We all encourage her to keep moving as much as she can so she can get stronger.  She’s able to do everything she did before except walk freely.  I call her everyday and one of my ultimate goals for the future is to be able to live closer to my parents and my husband’s family as well, so we can all enjoy our lives together.  If you have a good relationship with your mom, appreciate and never take advantage of it.  If you don’t, try to mend it, if you can of course.



My mother often brought fruits to us when she visited.  On this day particular day she brought plums. Well, little Miss Sophia (7 months at the time) was fascinated with the plum, as you can see.  I love how she’s looking and holding the fruit up in the first picture, but my favorite is the second one.  I even had it made into canvas.  My mother couldn’t stop laughing and Sophia was determined to eat that plum, even if it meant taking it away from Grandma. 🙂

Take good care all.

Until next time…


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