Birthdays and balloons

Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.  Yesterday was “putting-all-the-Christmas-decorations-away” day!  It made me kinda sad, but they’re be back soon enough!  🙂  Now it’s time to focus on the new year and prepare for all the birthdays that are coming.  I like celebrating birthdays.  When I’m not able to see the person, I love sending birthday cards and gifts in the mail because it makes people HAPPY!  One should feel appreciated and remembered, especially on their special day.

My youngest, Sophia, turns 3 in April and I’m already planning it (I tend to leave things for the last minute and then go completely crazy), but I’m going to keep things very simple (don’t laugh, it can happen).  I haven’t decided on a theme yet, but I know I want to decorate with balloons and I’ve seen a couple of ideas on Pinterest that I want to try.  They also have a couple of games with balloons that would be fun:


Thread a needle and sew balloons in a row!


Decorate balloons with paper and glitter!  So much fun!


Balloon Ping Pong: Sophia loves playing with balloons so this game would be a lot of fun for her.


Balloon Catch!

All pins courtesy of

Take good care all and HAPPY BIRTHDAY if it’s your birthday today!

Until next time…


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