Egg-celent Day!

Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.

Today was the first day of my daughter’s Spring Recess and to kick it off, I decided to dye our first eggs at home.  Yes, it’s another egg story.  🙂 I took their yellow Little Tikes table to the kitchen because it’s the brightest room in the house plus the cleaning supplies are there too, just kidding, not really.  Yesterday, we purchased this kit at Target.


I chose the Marble Magic effect.  Inside you’ll find an egg dipper and color tablets.  Instructions are on the back of the box.

IMG_4181text         IMG_4182text

I chose to add vinegar to the tablets for a more vibrant color per the instructions.  I hard-boiled four of the eggs.  The other two were emptied out by my husband the day before.  I dissolved the tablets and got green, blue, and pink.  Then I added ½ cup of water to each.

IMG_4184text          IMG_4186text

We dipped the eggs and my oldest daughter decided to use her M & M’s toy fan to speed up the drying process while my youngest was fascinated and kept looking into the cup.  I had to watch her closely in case she decided to take a sip.

IMG_4193text     IMG_4194text

We dipped some of the eggs into two colors and achieved somewhat of a marble effect.  It looks more speckled to me, but the girls were happy with the results and that’s all that matters.  The Peter Rabbit egg holders were very handy.  Aren’t they adorable?


Olivia took her markers and got even more creative.  It’s a girl holding a basket with an egg.  Love it!


She also used glitter glue to decorate the eggs.

IMG_4211text        IMG_4213text

Here’s the Peter Rabbit basket made out of cardstock.  It was super easy to make and absolutely adorable.  I glued the characters to the basket, but used masking tape for the basket itself.  If you want to make one for your kiddo click here

I had a lot of fun dyeing these eggs with my daughters and we’re going to be making more because my husband was working today and missed out.  We Skyped him at his job, once we finished, so he could see the results and he was super happy to see us and our marbled/speckled eggs.  This will be my last post on eggs, I promise.  I do hope you guys enjoyed our adventure in egg land.

Take good care all.

Until next time…


Celebrating 11 years happily married to my high school sweetheart!

Hello everybody!  I wanted to share a special event that just occurred in my life.  This past Saturday, August 18th, I celebrated eleven years happily married to my high school sweetheart, (we have a total of 19 years together from the moment he asked me to be his girlfriend).  We also renewed our vows and threw our celebration at the same place where we got married eleven years ago on the same date, the Astoria World Manor in Astoria, NY.  It was pretty exciting this time around because our children were able to see us get “married” again.  Everyone, including us, had a blast.  The food was fantastic (we got a personalized watermelon display) and the employees there were very helpful.

I had a lot of fun putting together my centerpieces.  I made my own flower using tissue paper and I loved using the colors turquoise (11th year wedding anniversary color) and gold (representing my dress) together.   I included and made a marshmallow treat (inspired by a Pinterest pic)for my favor bags.  I also made a card box and decorated my cake topper.  I will be sharing my crafty ideas on those items in a later post.  I didn’t want to feel overwhelmed so I stuck to a mantra of, “KEEP IT SIMPLE!”  It worked, and in the end everyone complimented me on what I did and I was very happy.  Many of my friends and family members know that I’m crafty so they instantly knew my touches here and there.  Overall, there were a couple of hiccups, but that’s expected because nothing can ever be perfect.  The imperfections are life lessons so you know what you can correct in the future, if you chose to do so.  Until next time…thanks for following.

Oh, did I mention our names?  No?  Oh, I’m very sorry.  We are Angelica and Angel, and no I’m not making that up.

I like to think we were meant to be!