When will it end?


Hello everybody.  I hope you guys are well.

I currently have two cute, snot faces at home.

Here we go again, and again, and yup, again.  My oldest is miserable because she’s missing school and her nose and upper lip are red and swollen from blowing and wiping away boogers.  Fun times!  When will this insanity end?  We’ve been sick before, but this is ridiculous.  We’ve even been to the pediatrician twice!  I’m giving medicine every four hours, applying Vick’s vapor rub, going through numerous tissue boxes, and the current phrase being declared in the house every ten minutes is, “I have boogies!”

I’m also very conflicted with the fact that I’m keeping her home from school.  I hate that she’s missing her lessons, but at the same time I don’t want her to be miserable and spreading germs in her class.  She knows how to fully blow and wipe her nose, but as soon as she steps into school she starts doing things differently like blowing softy into the tissue and constantly wiping at her nose, hence why when I went to pick her up yesterday (mind you she didn’t leave the house with a runny nose in the morning and I was shocked to see how she looked in the afternoon) her nose and upper lip were RAW.  Today, she woke up the same way and I thought it best to let her clear out as much boogies as she can at home.  It’s amazing how much keeps coming out and I can’t see the light at the end of the snot tunnel.  How much can there be left?

My youngest is faring better.   She doesn’t let a stuffed up or runny nose stop her from playing, torturing her sister, ignoring my demands to stop making a mess, or sleeping.  She’s currently walking around the house with her magnifying glass telling me that she’s looking for dinosaur footprints.  I just want to scoop her up and give her a thousand kisses, but I don’t want to get sick again, or in my case, again!!

Here’s hoping that I can QUIT writing about us being sick (please!) and banish all yucky snot away from my household.

Take good care all.

Until next time…

We’re under attack…

Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.  Yesterday, I woke up coughing my lungs out, nauseated, dizzy as heck, and last with a lovely fever.  With the help of meds, bed rest, and my wonderful husband stepping in and taking care of our daughters, today I woke up just fine.  Just like that, I felt ok.  It was as if yesterday morning never happen, like it was all a dream nightmare.  Needless to say, I’m very happy to be almost well because I hadn’t felt that crappy in a very long time and I wanted it to be over as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, I got a phone call at noon today from my daughter’s school informing me that my daughter had thrown up and wasn’t feeling well.  We’re seriously under attack.  Thirty minutes later, I was tucking my feverish daughter into her bed after washing her up and giving her medicine.  What a couple of sickly days!


Proof to my husband that my fever went down.


My favorite cough drops…thanks hubby!


My landlady/family friend brought a plate of food that she made for us sick people.

White rice, side salad, and chicken.  It was such a wonderful and yummy surprise.  Thanks Georgina!


After resting, Olivia got inspired by the photo of her mami and daddy on her wall and decided to draw it!

She’s such an artist!  Love her greatly and she’s doing a whole lot better.

So far my husband and my youngest are sick free and I REALLY hope it stays that way.  We’re on the mend and I wish everyone else who’s not feeling well, a speedy recovery and try to sleep as much as you can because it really does make it difference in how you feel one day from another.

Take good care.

Until next time…

Picture Day

Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.  Yesterday, my daughter had a rough day at school.  Poor little thing threw up during lunch.  I got the call and I raced to her school with a change of clothing and to bring her home.  She was REALLY SAD because she didn’t want to leave!  In fact, she wanted to go back to school because her class was going to do an art project and she didn’t want to miss it.  My sweet, little artist.  It broke my heart, but I knew she needed to relax a bit at home.  She has a cough and we have been trying to spit and blow out the germs completely.  She told me the coughing made her throw up.  I advised her for the future, if she ever felt that she was going to throw up again, to try to find the nearest bathroom or simply throw up on the floor instead of on her clothes.  I did my best in explaining things in a funny way to cheer her up and hopefully have my advice stay floating around in her memory bank.  Plus, I told her that she needed to rest because the following day was Picture Day.  That sealed the deal and made her happy.

As for myself, I’m filled with so much anticipation.  I can’t wait to see her first school pictures.  Her portrait and her class picture.  I remember during the first parent/teacher night when her teacher said that school pictures were becoming obsolete due to technology being so advanced nowadays.  I thought, “What?  Obsolete?  No way, I can’t wait to purchase her first package of school pictures, especially Kindergarten.”  My husband was able to take her to school today (Jury Duty calls), which is a treat for my daughter because I always take her.  I kissed her goodbye and said see you later.  With her special, dressy headband on her head, I reminded her to smile really big when the photographer told her to.  I can’t wait to see the results and let the school memories start forming.

Take good care all.  Until next time…