Happy Birthday Sophia!


Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.

Today is a very special day for me.  It’s my daughter’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Baby!

Can I even call you that anymore?

Because today you’re 3 years old.

Your brilliance astounds us, you’re stubborn as a mule, your sweet, adorable face charms the wits out of people instantly, you’re fierce (just ask your big sister who you try to “lovingly” knock down), and you’re definitely a comedian in training, hence the picture above.

You keep me on my toes and make my nerves go haywire, but then you stretch your arms out wide and declare that you want a big hug, which is always followed up with a big, sloppy kiss on my cheek.  You coyly say “I love you Mami,” and melt my heart away.  I then want to devour you, figuratively speaking, of course (us mothers can’t help this feeling, it’s just there) and I tell you so, prompting you to say with a very serious face, “No Mami, you can’t eat me.”  Ok, maybe not today, so I tickle you instead.

You’re filling my mind with sweet memories and I hope I’ll never forget them.  Two days ago, we watched a squirrel munching away on something and you giggled with delight.  You have a love for animals and aren’t afraid to venture close enough.  Not even big dogs deter you.  You’re amazing.  On our way back from the supermarket, we spotted another squirrel.  He disappeared around the massive tree and you asked, “Where he go?” I told you to look up and there he was.  Suddenly, he turned and looked straight at us with his beady, little eyes.  I’ve never seen that before and I whispered to you, “he’s looking at us,” and you slowly backed away, making me laugh.  I couldn’t resist and said, “Run!”  We held hands and started running and laughing down the block.

You bring me joy, you drive me nuts, but most of all I’m so honored to be your mother.

I love you baby girl, ‘cause you’ll always be my baby, no matter how old you become.


The many faces of my little girl.

There’s the “don’t-take-my-picture!” look, mischievous (that’s grandma’s lipstick on her face, which she secretly applied and got caught red-faced, HA!), and pure happiness!

Happy Birthday Sophia!  We love you!


Take good care all.

Until next time…


Autism Awareness Month (April)



Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.

It’s Autism Awareness Month and I just made a donation to autismspeaks.org in honor of my little cousin, Nicholas, who has come very far and will go even further than the stars.  He is a wonderful little boy who is loved by many, but especially by his dedicated and super mom Rosie, his hard-working dad, Waymon, and his big bro/HERO, Gabriel.  I love hearing about Nico’s accomplishments, which have been many and I’m so proud of his mom, my cousin, who takes such good care of him.  It’s TOUGH, but she has kept her ground and the rewards of that bravery and pure love come in the form of smiles, hugs, words, and songs that come out of her little boy.

I love this family so much!

If you are able to, please contribute to this cause.  Thank you!

Take good care all.

Until next time…



Hello everybody!

I hope you guys are well.

I want to talk about guilt.  Nowadays, I feel guilty pretty much about anything.  Yesterday, I felt guilty because my daughter wasn’t feeling well and I was trying my best to make her better.  Plus, she was missing school.  Now today, she’s still missing school.   We didn’t make it.  There’s a snowstorm outside and I was determined to take her to school because she woke up feeling better.  I was fortunate enough to be able to leave my youngest with my friend downstairs.  We made it halfway to the school before my daughter tripped and fell, body forward, on wet snow.  I was even holding her hand at the time, but she still fell over and her pants and coat got completely drenched.  I couldn’t take her to school and leave her like that.  I would be at home feeling guilty as heck because her pants were soaking wet and who knows how long it would have taken to dry.  We had to turn around and go back home and once we did, with time ticking away making us late for school and my friend not being able to stay longer with my youngest, I made the decision to stay home.


It squats in my mind and travels down and pangs at my heart repeatedly.  I try to brush it off.  I tell myself, “It happens to a lot of people.  It’s not the end of the world.”   But even if I let it go, it only last for mere seconds and then I’m right back to feeling guilty.  So I try to figure out why the guilt?  Well, in this instance, it’s because other kids made it to school, in the snowstorm.  Other parents were able to take their children, in the snowstorm.  I failed.  That’s how I feel at the moment.  I can definitely wallow in it, but I really don’t want to so instead I go online and print out several worksheets for my daughter to work on at home.  We also read books and we practice her sight words.  It’s the least that I can do and I always include these worksheets in her folder so her teacher can see them.  This makes me feel better, but the guilt is always going to be there.  It’s part of being a mom.  I don’t particularly like it and I wish that I could just switch it off in my brain, but it’s just not who I am.  I wish things could fall into place perfectly.  Wishful thinking, I know, but then maybe guilt wouldn’t seep in.  Or does guilt serve a purpose?  I don’t know.  I just want the best for my daughter and I don’t want to fail her.  It is my responsibility to take good care of her and make sure that she’s in school learning.  I don’t want to mess her future up so since I can’t do away with guilt completely, I can at least try to give it all I’ve got and when things just don’t work out, find ways to calm the guilt down and know in my heart that it’s ok.

It’s really ok.

Take good care all.

Until next time…

When will it end?


Hello everybody.  I hope you guys are well.

I currently have two cute, snot faces at home.

Here we go again, and again, and yup, again.  My oldest is miserable because she’s missing school and her nose and upper lip are red and swollen from blowing and wiping away boogers.  Fun times!  When will this insanity end?  We’ve been sick before, but this is ridiculous.  We’ve even been to the pediatrician twice!  I’m giving medicine every four hours, applying Vick’s vapor rub, going through numerous tissue boxes, and the current phrase being declared in the house every ten minutes is, “I have boogies!”

I’m also very conflicted with the fact that I’m keeping her home from school.  I hate that she’s missing her lessons, but at the same time I don’t want her to be miserable and spreading germs in her class.  She knows how to fully blow and wipe her nose, but as soon as she steps into school she starts doing things differently like blowing softy into the tissue and constantly wiping at her nose, hence why when I went to pick her up yesterday (mind you she didn’t leave the house with a runny nose in the morning and I was shocked to see how she looked in the afternoon) her nose and upper lip were RAW.  Today, she woke up the same way and I thought it best to let her clear out as much boogies as she can at home.  It’s amazing how much keeps coming out and I can’t see the light at the end of the snot tunnel.  How much can there be left?

My youngest is faring better.   She doesn’t let a stuffed up or runny nose stop her from playing, torturing her sister, ignoring my demands to stop making a mess, or sleeping.  She’s currently walking around the house with her magnifying glass telling me that she’s looking for dinosaur footprints.  I just want to scoop her up and give her a thousand kisses, but I don’t want to get sick again, or in my case, again!!

Here’s hoping that I can QUIT writing about us being sick (please!) and banish all yucky snot away from my household.

Take good care all.

Until next time…

A pin for me


Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.

Loving and striving to do exactly what this pin (www.pinterest.com) says.  Some days are hard, but ultimately I want no bitter memories.  I do need a ton of patience (it’s a characteristic lacking in my family genes) and I wish to banish the hasty replies.  Those darn hasty replies get on my nerves and they come out because I have no patience to stop and think before I speak.  For my children’s sake and our future relationship, I will dutifully work on being a better mom.

Take good care all.

Until next time…

A pin about motherhood and a lasting marriage

Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.  I came across a couple of pins on Pinterest that completely resonate with the way I think and feel about motherhood and marriage.  I wanted to share them with you and see how you feel.


I have two little girls, ages five and two, and we have a night time routine implemented since they were babies and we do our very best never to break it, even on vacation.  They are so used to the routine that if we don’t keep up with it, they get very CRANKY!  Bath time starts at 8 PM and by 8:30 – 8:45, the girls are in their beds and mommy is very happy!  🙂


I completely agree with this pin and have always thought this way.  Hence why I’m happily married to my high school sweetheart.  It takes two to build and keep a lasting relationship.

Back in August of this year, we celebrated 19 years together since the day he asked me to be his girlfriend.  In 1993, Angel came over to my house and presented me with a rose and we declared that day to be our dating anniversary.  My mother suggested I place the rose in a book so I can keep it forever.  Always listen to your mom, because I have that rose, from 19 years ago, framed on my wall today.  From the beginning of our relationship, we told each other what we expected from one another and we respected that.  Respect and acknowledgement of each other’s importance in the relationship are key to a lasting union.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Until next time…

a pin for my kids and a couple for my husband

Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.  Things are a bit frustrating over here in NYC.  The subway is trying to get back on track.  My husband told me this morning that they have a subway recovery map on www.mta.info.  It’s weird/amazing to see the subway map shown in a different way.  This recovery map highlights the trains that are currently working, while showing the trains that aren’t (the subway lines are faded out).  If you’re entering Manhattan via car, you can’t drive in solo.  There has to be three people or more with you!  And let me not forget to tell you that gas stations are running low on GAS!  Oh boy, it’s tough out there, but New Yorkers are tougher.  All the best and safe travels to all.

A pin from www.pinterest.com for my kids that speaks the truth!  In my case, I have to think thrice.


Here’s a couple of pins for my husband.  He’ll see them as comedic as well as many other men, but unfortunately for them, these are simply true!  🙂

Stay alert, stay alive.  Until next time…