DIY Peppa Pig Birthday Banner

Hello everybody!

I hope you guys are well.

My youngest daughter turned 4 years old this past Saturday.  I wish I could have captured on camera how her morning, sleepy face transformed into sheer happiness upon hearing us say, “Happy Birthday Sophia!”  It was magical and so sweet.  I did take a ton of pictures after we got all dressed up, but I have to sort through them first.  For this post, I wanted to share with you how I made her a Peppa Pig birthday banner.



CAM00738text CAM00739text CAM00750text

This banner was super easy to make and didn’t take long.  I found the banner template online.  I had foam flower cut outs saved from a great find at the dollar section in Target.  I did the happy, birthday, and letter circles myself on Word, then glued everything together and strung it up with pink ribbon.

I absolutely loved how this banner came out and my daughter loved seeing it up on the wall.  The theme was Peppa Pig and she loved seeing all the different pictures of Peppa Pig.

More pictures to come.

Take good care all.

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A birthday cake mini poster/card

Hello everybody!

I hope you guys are well.

It’s always great to celebrate someone’s birthday and giving something uniquely handmade is especially exciting.  That’s why I loved this idea from Melanie Blodgett over at (one of my favorite blogs).

Check out her idea…

…and now take a look at my version/attempt.


I made this mini poster/card for my mother’s birthday.  I used acrylic paint, paper (about 11 x 14), and paintbrushes.  After the paint was all dry, I rolled up the paper and tied it with a ribbon and presented it to my mom, who absolutely loved her cake plus the fact that it only had 25 candles.  🙂

Thanks Melanie for the great idea!

Take good care all.

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DIY Easter Decorations

Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.  I love making my own decorations for the holidays, especially when there’s a ton of ideas online.  I’m currently decorating for Easter and found a great banner idea as well as adorable DIY paper carrots.  I combined those ideas and included some plastic eggs and created this banner for the hallway outside my door.


You can see the instructions and printable template for the easter egg banner here and pictures of the paper carrots here

IMG_4176text            IMG_4177text


I used card stock to print out the template for the easter egg banner.  I then used several decorative papers for the banner and used construction paper for the carrots.  To hang these up I used pink and white baker’s twine.

At, there’s a whole bunch of crafting projects and I made the peter rabbit holiday garland ( because my youngest likes Peter Rabbit.  I also printed out egg holders ( and an egg basket ( for when we start dyeing our easter eggs at home.  Since my daughter dyed her first eggs at school, she’s super excited to do it again.


When I picked her up from school yesterday I brought her a basket so she could carry home her masterpiece dyed eggs.  She’s in love with them and wants to keep them forever.  🙂

There’s definitely more egg stories to come.  I’m also planning my youngest daughter’s birthday at a snail’s pace.  So far, I only have a theme, Nickelodeon’s Bubble Guppies, and I’m planning on using the free printables on to decorate.  Again, I’m leaving everything for the last minute, but isn’t that how it’s really done?

Take good care all.

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DIY Thanksgiving banner

Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.  Here’s a DIY Thanksgiving banner that I came up with.

I used Microsoft Word, a leaf template, cardstock, a wide Thanksgiving print ribbon, and paper clips to make my banner.

A simple, but meaningful banner.

I affixed the leaves onto the ribbon using the paper clips and the ribbon is held by blue painter’s tape, which I love to use because it holds things up and doesn’t damage surfaces.  I hope you like this idea.

Stay alert, stay alive.

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Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.  Remember our Halloween door monster.  If you don’t, then here’s a reminder:

I wanted to continue this door decoration idea right into Thanksgiving so our adorable monster has had a major transformation.

Meet Gobble Gobble Mercado!

I think I love him more than my daughters do.  Oh well, he’s simply adorable and I had a blast doing this.  I kept the eyes from the monster and printed out the hat, beak and feet.  I used party streamer paper and found two red strings for the wattle.  I hope this turkey brought a smile to your face.

Stay alert, stay alive.

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Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.  I wanted to show you another pin from, you guess it,, in which I used to make a paper heart garland as part of my anniversary centerpieces.  I absolutely loved this paper idea and I knew I was going to incorporate it one way or another.  Plus I had fun doing this project.

Pin with instructions (Thank you to the creator of this)

My version using turquoise and gold speckled cardstock. I used my Cricut paper trimmer and a paper clip to close the hearts into a circle.

              I made 9 hearts in turquoise and 2 in gold, symbolizing a total of 11 years happily married and the 2 gold hearts for my daughters. 🙂

Take care all.  Until next time…

DIY Banners

Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.  Today I would like to share a project with you that has endless possibilities.  I love using banners to decorate, especially for birthdays and holidays.  You can always buy pre-made ones, but I like making my own so I can personalize them specifically.  Using the shapes application on Microsoft Word, I start with a triangle shape, and make it as big as I want.  Then, regarding the theme, I look for clip art online and I copy and paste onto the middle of the triangle.  I enlarge and flip around the images to my desire and then I print on white cardstock.

To make things easier and less time consuming, I use my Cricut paper trimmer to cut out my triangles.  Then I simply punch out little holes at the top corners of the triangle and using any string, I like twine, join the triangles together and you’ll have a one of a kind banner.  I like to use painter’s tape (the blue one) to put up my banners because they’re temporary (the banners) and the tape doesn’t mess up the paint on the wall once you take it off.  I usually put it on the back of the first, middle, and last triangles.

I made this banner for my daughter’s 2nd birthday.  The theme was the cartoon from Nickelodeon, Team Umizoomi.  I went to their official website,, to get some ideas and found a lot of printable material for birthdays including a square banner and a poster, which was awesome.  I couldn’t copy and paste the characters on that website, so I went to AOL search and found a bunch of clip art, which I used on my pennant banner.  On the picture tool bar, I re-colored the images using the color mode to fade the pictures so the letters would pop out more, but you can still see the image of the characters in the background.  There’s really nothing available in stores with this theme, which boggles my mind because kids are absolutely crazy for this cartoon and it’s been on the air for years now, just saying.

I recently did this banner the same way as above.  I found the clip art on AOL search and you can download these cute bats, along with a couple of pennant flags, here:

I used black ribbon to bring everything together and hung it up outside my door.  I hope you like this idea.  Of course you can make the banner using squares, circles, etc.  Like I said before, endless possibilities! 🙂

Take care all.  Until next time…

Flowers, candles, vases…oh my! My ideal centerpiece!

Hello everybody!  I hope you guys are well.   Today let’s talk about centerpieces and how daunting they can be.  Nowadays, I believe people want to stay on a budget and they want their centerpieces to sort of be unique.  Those two criteria were very important to me when I was planning my anniversary/vow renewal party.  The only difference this time around was the fact that my husband and I were paying for EVERYTHING, including the banquet hall, which my parents paid for eleven years ago.  I still gave myself a budget back then because I didn’t want my parents to spend a lot of money so I chose a venue that practically had everything in the place.  That saved a lot of headaches, time, and money.  My venue, The Astoria World Manor, has a chapel, photo studio, and banquet hall.  You can’t get any better than that.  But I digress, back to the centerpieces.

There are definitely your traditionalists who chose the vases with the flowers or floating candles and that’s ok, but I wanted something different.  I also wanted to arrange it myself.  Remember, we’re on a budget here people.  🙂  I searched for ideas and pictures on Pinterest, of course, as well as images on AOL search and immediately fell in love with arrangements that featured mason jars.  Vases are good and there are different shapes, sizes, and prices, but mason jars can be used for storing all kinds of stuff including food!  They’re simply functional and I wanted them.  Badly.  So when I spotted them at the craft store for $1.49, which is a great price because for some reason I thought they would be more expensive, I couldn’t stock my shopping cart fast enough.  Needless to say, I was very happy.  I know it’s just a jar, but the point is, I found them.  That’s half the battle.  Onto the next step, what’s going inside?

I knew I didn’t want real flowers.  I also knew that artificial flowers could add up to be expensive.  So I went around searching for a bushel of flowers, artificial, that I could separate and possibly distribute evenly.

I found one at the craft store that had mini wheat stalks and long leaves.  The price was right and I liked the way they looked, so I bought four of them.

I also chose to fill the jar with gold glitter and natural curly ting stems.  They come in bunches (around 30 per bunch) and are reasonably priced so they were ideal in order to distribute among the jars.

Putting them together, I had the height and fullness I wanted, but I still needed a flower.

I wanted to incorporate the turquoise color so I searched online for a turquoise gerbera daisy.  Eleven years ago, the gerbera daisy was the main flower in my wedding bouquet, only it was white so I thought why not?  I have to admit though that I did procrastinate on finding the flower until I found a good-looking and reasonably priced one on a website.  I put a dozen into the cart, clicked CHECKOUT, and almost fell off my chair when I saw the shipping and handling charges.  They wanted almost twenty dollars!! for shipping twelve artificial flowers.  I deleted that cart so fast and I was so furious because I still had no flower or idea of what to do.

Something you must know about me…I do not have the greatest memory so I can’t tell you how I came about thinking about paper flowers.  I just know that one day I searched DIY PAPER FLOWERS and was bombarded with tutorials online.  I saw videos on YouTube and read several blog instructions, but ultimately I ended up using a freehand template, courtesy of my husband’s artistic talent, tissue paper, glue, lollipop sticks and gold acrylic paint.

My masterpiece, made out of tissue paper!  I also tied a gift tag with the table number and ribbon in my color palette, turquoise and gold, around the jar to complete my look.

Here’s my centerpiece on table #7.  I made a heart paper garland (a later post), as seen on, using my colors.  I threw potpourri, which I got from IKEA, inside the garland to surround the mason jar.  I also covered the lid by simply cutting out and gluing a circle from turquoise card stock and affixing a monogrammed sticker.

I love the way it came together and I will definitely be posting the way I did my tissue paper flower in a later post, but for now I hope you enjoyed how I arranged my ideal centerpiece.  Until next time…